How a group of gamers with a dream developed our product line

The Problem

Back in 2017, a group of gamers had a problem. Long hours in front of a console and a diet of junk food and soda were hurting their performance in competitive, demanding games like League of Legends and Counterstrike. So they searched for something that would level up their game, contribute to a healthier diet, and was fast and easy to prep. And so became the Next Level Meal and Performance Drink. A quick meal and energizing drink to improve endurance, focus, and overall health.

The Solution  

14 months later after frequent formula adjustments, consulting with doctors and athletes, and good ol’ fashioned DIY product design, Runtime had a fully realized product line. Soon after, we hired a team of A players and started sharing our products with the world.

Developed by gamers for gamers, our unique formula was designed to help esports players maintain a healthy diet and fuel long hours of demanding game play. The Runtime team quickly realized that the term gamer is inclusive and multifaceted. To us, a gamer is anyone driven by a challenge with the persistence and willpower to overcome. We defy labels and belong to diverse communities. We are athletes, musicians, creators, and travelers (among others).

Where We Are Now  

Traditional performance improving snacks and beverages focus solely on temporary physical or cognitive boosts, but lack sustainable health benefits. In today’s world, the average gamer needs more than that to succeed in the game of life. They need a product that provides a lasting physical and cognitive powerup with all of the nutrients necessary for a sound body and mind.
This gap in the market led to the creation of the Next Level Meal, Performance Drink, OP Shot, and Megabite. Products that were designed to improve endurance, focus, and overall health. Because we believe that complete nutrition should be quick and accessible for everyone. So where are we now? The Runtime team is still grinding, coming up with new flavors and products to help you get to the finish line.

A Message from the CEO

"Real products, real performance improvements, no bullshit. That's the Runtime promise. "

- Raul Del Cid-