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The Runtime 
Parnter Program
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Tell us about yourself and your channels. Check eligibility requirements.


Tell others about Runtime and share links with your community.


Get free Runtime products every month and earn a portion of the sales you generate.


The program gives social media creators the opportunity to earn free Runtime products and money by spreading the word about Runtime.

Depending on the average viewership or reach of your channel, you will receive 10% or more of any purchases made through a link or discount code connected to you.
Runtime wants to support creators, especially those aiming to build full-time careers as creators. Free nutrition products help. So does cash. Creators can, in turn, help Runtime succeed by telling their communities about products that improve their health and cognitive capabilities.
We ask that at minimum, you integrate our logo into your channel banner and post the link and discount code in the description of a YouTube video or share it in the chat on a Twitch stream. What tends to work well is when you give a brief shout-out about our products or simply use them on-camera. You probably know best how your community responds to sponsors so we ultimately defer to your good judgement about how best to incorporate Runtime into your content.
Creators will be given a link and discount code. They can place this link in the description of their videos or tell people about it in a video, stream, or post. The creators will receive a share of the revenue from people who buy after clicking the link or using the code.
Creators on YouTube and Twitch who meet the following criteria:
  • Meets a minimum threshold of viewership (based on geo)
  • Completes the Affiliate Agreement and abides by our Code of Conduct
  • Has quality content
  • Language of the content in English, German, or French. Other European languages to be considered on a case-by-case basis.
This program is available to creators whose primary language in their social channel is English, German, or French. Other European languages will also be considered. We cannot accept applicants from residents of certain countries (e.g. North Korea) or as otherwise prohibited by the Affiliate Agreement.

We will reject applications from Creators who engage in toxic, discriminatory, illegal, pornographic, or fraudulent behavior, or who promote gambling, spam, or harassment.
As we are somewhat new to running this program, there could be some challenges along the way. Some examples could include:
  • Slight delays in processing applications
  • Slight delays in payment
  • Slight delays in receiving free product (based on where in the world you live)
This depends on the size and receptiveness of your audience. Set modest expectations. The amount you earn grows with the number of players who choose to support you.
We would encourage you to do what you do best and be authentic in your enjoyment of our products. Active posting works to some degree. Just be careful not to spam your followers.
If you match our program criteria, we will contact you via email. We will then need to make sure that you are the actual owner of the channel(s) you submitted. You will receive an additional email once your application has been fully approved
Payments are scheduled to be sent no later than 30 days after the end of the month, for example April payments will arrive no later than May 30. Timing may be affected by bank transfer protocol or PayPal.