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OP Shot


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  • 1shot
  • 60 ml
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Tasty Performance shot
This shot sprays with power and outperforms other boosters with ease. In the composition we have concentrated on the interaction of proven ingredients (green tea extract) and new ingredients (tyrosine). The result is a performance drink in the flavours Apple and Berry.

Concentration boost over several hours
154mg caffeine to 60ml. That not only sounds strong - it is. The effect of the Shots lasts over several hours and gets you out of every low. No matter if it's an important match, upcoming training, upcoming exam or to cope with the last hours of your working day. The OP Shot gives you enough energy for all the tasks you are facing.

Increased reaction speed
The selected ingredients provide improved brain performance and a unique taste. Cooled and well shaken, our OP Shot takes effect after just 15 minutes and accompanies you for the next few hours as your guarantor for performance and focus.

Customer Reviews

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Keeps me focused and full of energy

I love the product in the fact it keeps me alert and ready to work. Unfortunately I do not like the taste.

The taste surprise the first time

After the point on the tilte i will speak about the effect of the shot : i'm dont drunk energy drink otfen and this product Consume at 3 p.m continue to have effect on me at 3.am. More precisly I did not feel the effect of the drink immediately but about 30min-1h after drinking (Which may be quite normal. I do not know) and lasted about 12hours. (+12hours of effect on my body)

So i don't know if its the initial goal of OP Shot (in my minf its likely immediate and "short" duration (2-4hours of effect).

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, just I'm informing you.

Really good !

Taste really good !

1 Day of power

I tried it twice now and had the same effect :
After taking it in the morning, I felt very great for a full day of exams or training (it's easier to start and then I didn't felt tired). I did not have a spike of energy nevertheless, it's really like starting the activity for hours.
However, the next day isn't that easy, but I think it's normal considering the ingredients (and the %).
To take for an event and not as a daily boost !

Amazing !

Everything is perfect, as described !

You have questions?

We've got you covered with answers.

What is a smart carb?

Isomaltulose is a smart carb that gives you a sustained energy supply without the sugar crash. It also promotes fat burning and supports a better metabolism. We use isomaltulose in our products to give you long lasting energy to complete any task.

Will I experience a sugar crash if I try one of the Runtime drinks?

Nope! We don’t use simple sugars in our products. Thanks to the smart carb isomaltulose, you’ll get a sustained boost of energy with no sugar crash guaranteed.

How long will it take to feel the effects of the Runtime drinks?

You’ll probably feel the effects of a Runtime drink in 15-30 min.

How long will it take to feel the effects of the Runtime drinks?

You’ll probably feel the effects of a Runtime drink in 15-30 min.

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